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Shipping Times


Estimated shipping and delivery dates are based on several factors including the availability of items, the destination and shipping options.  Also, orders for multiple items or multiple copies of a single item can take longer to assemble.

Approximate delivery dates can be estimated by adding processing time, availability and shipping time. 

An estimate of the availability of each item appears with the description of the item along with the item number and vendor information.

To check on a specific item’s availability, contact us via our online contact form and please specify which product in the message.

Processing timedepends on when your order is received. The work week in Israel is from Sunday through Thursday. Orders received on Thursday after 4 pm will not be processed until the following Sunday. Similarly, orders received on Jewish religious or National Holidays will not be processed until the following work day.  Most orders take 1-3 days to process.

Shipping timesoutside of Israel:

  1. Airmail packages can take up to 19 business days to arrive.
  2. Express shipping can take from 3 to 7 business days to arrive.
  3. Fedex shipping can take from 2 to 4 business days to arrive.

Shipping times in Israel:

  1. Airmail 7-14 business days.
  2. Israel Express   2-5 days (It is not written on their website?)